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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, May 23, 2016

5/23/2016 Week 69 Chisinau, Moldova

this week was wild. Im just going to explain it through bullet points because too much happened! hahahahh

- we were with a dear member who is this amazing old lady, she is like the branch grandma to everyone. and while we were walking into a store with her.... SHE HAD A FREAKING STROKE. yes. That literally happened! And it all goes downhill from there.... in a nutshell, the ambulance took 30 minutes to get to us (and we were on a main street..) we rode in the ambulance with her, we got taken to the CRAPPIEST public hospital in all of Moldova, we waited in the "emergency room" for THREE HOURS and suffered literally some of the most horrific medical care and patient care I have EVER seen. Literally you guys, MY COMPANION AND I could have been better doctors than these people. I can't even go into detail about how disgusting, unsanitary, and CORRUPT this hospital is. The only way to get treated in the ER fast, is to bribe the doctors there! You guys... never in my life have I been more grateful to live somewhere that is so serious, safe, and secure with medical treatments!!! I was absolutely horrified. Needless to say, it was a life changing experience. We then took Sora Gorgos (the member) home to her apartment. She lives on the TOP FLOOR, has to climb 8 flights of stairs... and she can barely walk. Basically it was such an eye opening day for us, and how horrible the lifestyle is for most people here. The only downfall of these countries is that they do NOT take care of their elderly people. It's really sad and makes me feel like we are so spoiled in the states! Such a sad, crazy, emotional, frusterating day. 
- We had an adorable 20 year old girl get baptized into the Russian branch on Friday. She was absolutely GLOWING!! It was such a happy day. :) 
- My comp and I got food poisoning and were super sick for almost two days... I wont go into detail with that one. We were pretty miserable. I swear, I have had the WORST luck with sickness on my mission! 
-We are struggling with our investigators. The past two weeks most of the, have faded and are slowly being less and less commited. Its such a struggle getting them to come to church... no matter how many times we teach them about the blessing that come from church attendance and from taking the sacrament. :( Its a hard thing to deal with, when you have a group of people that you have put your whole heart and soul into... and then NONE of them walk through that door on Sunday. We are praying for changes to happen... and in the meantime, we are searching dilligently to find those who are truly searching for us! 
-We held a branch movie night on Saturday and watched 17 miracles. Honestly you guys.. I have probably watched that movie like 6 times on my mission.... YET... every single time it hits me like a pile of bricks! The pioneers that crossed the untamed prairie, suffering with every step.... wow. It makes me feel like such a loser when I have those days where I am too tired to walk somewhere far! They sacrificed and died for the cause of TRUTH! Especially makes me so grateful for great grandpa Draper that sacrificed and made the trek... and now we have this beautiful city that we call home! Isn't it amazing?

Well that basically sums up my week. Every week is wild and crazy and something unexpected always happens. It makes it such an adventure :) 
I am living up every moment. Time is flying by, a lot faster than I anticipated! It is scary sometimes, yet also super exciting! I MISS YOU GUYS! :) 
Only 9 more weeks of the life that is so normal to me now! Only 9 more weeks to wear this nametag! Only 9 more weeks in Moldova.. AHHH I can't believe it. 

I love you guys SOOO MUCH! Multumesc pentru dragostea voastra! O simt in fiecare clipa, mai ales cand imi vine greu sa merg inainte. Ma gandesc la voi, si cat de minunati sunteti... si devin mai puternica!!!
Va iubesc :)

xoxoxo Sora Draper

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