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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, June 13, 2016

6/13/2016 Week 72 Chisinau, Moldova


This week we had 4 baptisms here in Chisinau. Three boys and one girl entered the waters of baptism and joined our Russian speaking branch :) This whole weekend was just so warm and fuzzy. Everybody was glowing with the Spirit. Sunday we had an amazing fast and testimony. (It was changed up this month because of some europe wide broadcasts and conferences and stuff). I forced myself to say my testimony in the meeting, since I only have one more fast and testimony meeting left here in Europe, in July!... AHHH. 

So... I have GREAT news this week. We recieved a member referral (which is awesome, because that has been such a huge focus for us lately). This referral is a woman named Valeria, along with her husband and their year old baby. They have had mormon friends for many years, that live in Portland, Oregon. They expressed that they are ready and willing to learn the lessons, and that they will take whatever steps necessary to be baptized as members of the church. :) Guys...this family is AMAZING. Absolute pillar family for the church here in Chisinau. In fact, in our first lesson, Valeria proposed an incredibly prepared question for us. She asked: "Is there a way in your church, that after we are baptized and become members... we can get remarried before God? With a more sacred ceremony, in a sacred place? We want our relationship to be forever, in front of God!" We loved answering and explaining that one to her. :) One of the greatest teaching moments I have ever felt! These people are fantastic. We are extremely blessed. The moment we walked away from that lesson, I knew that they are going to be a very special family for our branch. We are so excited to see how they progress. They are amazing. They are excited to work towards baptism, and then even further.. to the temple! 

This week we made awesome headway with Christina. Had two very serious lessons about baptism and the blessings of it. She is praying for a specific date now, we call her and pray with her every night. She is more and more ready every week. 
I feel so good. :) We both do. Life is great here, we have wonderful people and we are so grateful for the miracles we saw this week. We are working to stay diligent and positive, and to always testify with sincerity to those we teach!!

I had two or three extremely powerful moments this week, where I got to do something that I have missed VERY MUCH. Here in chisinau, majority of our members and investigators speak ENGLISH.... ewwwww English... haha. So yes.... we teach mostly in English. Let me tell you guys.... I have missed teaching in purely Romanian. I miss testifying powerfully with Romanian words. Well this week... I was blessed with a few opportunities to truly testify to only Romanian speakers, and I felt that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with a true strong testimony of the truth. I LOVE THAT FEELING. I never want it to go away!!

So yes.. such beatiful, wonderful, and rewarding moments this week. I am so grateful for my mission. Its coming to an end faster than I can even believe. :( 

but I am excited to see you all in 5 weeks


Sora Draper

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