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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, June 27, 2016

6/27/2016 Week 74 Chisinau, Moldova


WOW. What an exciting week! I havent sent a family email for a while, so I will give you all a quick update on life here in Chisinau, Moldova. Things are AWESOME!!! Especially now that its summer. And it is HOT, real real hot. and HUMID. We sweat nonstop. My mission has changed me in so many ways spiritually... but also lets face the facts here, now im just a chubbier, sweatier, more awkward version of my old self ;);) WOOOOH, mission life!!! :)  You gotta love it! 

So, first of all, Christina. She's a stubborn one ;) We have taught her everything we can. We had several good lessons with her in the past two weeks, and basically just threw down hard core, testifying of baptism and the blessings and the importance of it. And she LOVES it, agrees with all of it, and says she wants to be a member. She just wont make the commitment... she is struggling with that part. Just taking the step. It has been a good experience, but also frustrating because she is so ready. SO ready! We are continually praying that our words will sink in, that she will be softened by the scriptures and prayer and that one day she will wake up to the fact that she is ready. Until then... we are just loving her and doing the best we can to help her! She is amazing. It will happen soon.. we can feel it. :) 

The amazing golden family: Valeria, Sergiu, and baby Amelia. They are AMAZING and want to be baptized, our only obstacle with them is that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to meet with them! You can blame Satan for that one. Thanks a lot, bro. It is soooo difficult, we are having so many obstacles and barriers and lessons falling through. It is seriously becasue they are GOLDEN and will be a pillar familiy in the church. We just pray for opportunities to teach them. 

BAPTISMS! We have had a MIRACULOUS month here in Chisinau. In our branch, we had 10 baptisms this month!!! Chisinau is the place to be, I am SO grateful to be ending my mission here in this beautiful country with peole that I absolutely love. And I never want to leave them, ever ever ever. :) Its such a cool experience for our investigators to come and see the baptisms, they are inspiring and spiritual, and they really just unite the branch. We are a big big family out here. :) 

WORMS... yes you read that. Im not sure if I have legitimate worms.. but I would not be surprised. We had a really bad run in with some fresh cherries we bought on the street (this is a usual habit for us, we basically live off of street vended fruit in the summer, especially cherries). We have been eating these suckers ALL SUMMER. And then last week, we came to the wonderful realization (after eating half a kilogram of cherries already) that EVERY CHERRY IN OUR BAG HAD A WHITE WIGGLY WARM INSIDE OF IT. Yep, after eating kilo after kilo after kilo of them all month. Absolutely infested with little white worms. YUM, YEP THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT IN MY TUMMY... WORMS!!!! 
Ugh... so horrible. Destroyed my appetite for a few days. Gotta love Eastern Europe! Now my appetite is all funky and I get stomach sickness a lot.. so yeah thats probably not the best sign lol. 

Hmmm, what else to say? This is the happiest transfer, mainly because of my companion Sora Mits and because its summer. Mits is a best friend for life, we enjoy every single day we have out here. We have AMAZING people we are working with... and we are constantly searching to find new people that are searching for us :) 

I was so inspired this week by the stories of Ammon and Aaron in the Book of Mormon, and their style of missionary work. Pure love and service... thats the only way to get anything done around here! 

Im so happy. :) Wouldn't change a thing! 

This Gospel is my light and my life. It brings literal sunshine to my soul. IM SO THANKFUL FOR THE BOOK OF MORMON FOR THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST FOR JOSEPH SMITH AND HIS WORK AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IM GRATEFUL THAT MY FAMILY CAN BE TOGETHER FOR ETERNITY. I look forward to the day that I can walk side by side with my Savior and cherish the blessings of eternity with my family. HOW POWERFUL IS THAT! The Gospel is true, and if you dont know that yet or if you dont agree, pray to feel the power and the truth of the message. Pray with all your heart. 

Thanks for all of the support and love. Thanks for my great friends who all returned from their missions this week. You are ALL examples to me of how to be a diligent and strong missionary! Im proud of all of you and greatful for your service :) 
I'll be joining you all in three weeks. Until then, God be with you :) 

Cu MARE drag-
Sora Draper 


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