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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2.25.15 Week 5 in the MTC

Buna ziua, familia!

Every week has it's ups and downs. Well... this week was rough. I realized many weaknesses (slabiciuni) that I have. And it was a very emotionally challenging week! Frustration was mostly my challenge, and often times I felt inadequate. BUT.. it is AMAZING how God can turn your biggest weaknesses into your most magnificent strengths. I learned this week that praying for this exact thing is the answer to any frustration or anger or self hatred I will ever have. Pray to Heavenly Father to help you become stronger and he WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER, I promise. I know, because it happened to me this week, a lot. Language is coming great, it was more along the lines of teaching and having patience with myself and my abilities. Along with some stress, because I only have 4 days left in the United States! But after praying and asking Heavenly Father a hundred times a day to make me stronger and to help me realize that I am not inadequate... I have been uplifted to an even higher level of patience and humility that I have ever had here in the MTC. It's all about patience and humility, people! So yes, hard hard week. And this language is definitely challenging. But truly I learned the MOST this week. It has been so rewarding in SO many ways. I testify that We are NEVER alone. And, since Jesus Christ, being the creator and manager of all things in existence... having gone through the EXACT same trials we have (and MORE)... gave us these trials and these weaknesses, he OF COURSE gave us a way to overcome them. Duh, why would he set us up to fail ;) The things we are capable of are unlimited! With the power and LOVE of Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. 

Wow, okay.. so fun fact... this week we found out that PAKISTAN has more members of the Church than Romania. PAKISTAN!! They have 4,500, we have 3,000. And only about 500 of our members are active. So yes....... my mission is clear ;) I am SO PUMPED to leave for Romania on MONDAY! And to start teaching and spreading this light that has defined my life and who I am. I am SO grateful, you guys. The gratitude I have towards my Savior is immeasurable. It is my challenge to you to take time today to kneel down, among all the craziness of work and school and sports and activities... to kneel down and just say thank you. Just thank him for all that he does because, he is merciful and glorious and we are blessed. Too blessed to even comprehend. 

So yes, this is my last week in America :) Thanks again for all of the love and support I have, I am so blessed to call you ALL my family. I owe everything I have AND MORE to the Lord. 

Voi iubesc FOARTE mult. Vreau ca voi să aveți un sâptămână BUNA. Și, te rog, va gândeți despre Isus Hrisos și Ispașirea sa. 


Sora Draper :):)

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