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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4.29.15 Week 13 Bacau, Romania

I just want to say first of all that Romania is truly unlike any other place. ;) It's so so beautiful and just so crazy and fun.. this week was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!
So much is happening around here.

- I had to speak in Sacrament on Sunday.. I spoke on families and it was really great actually :) Im getting more comfortable with the language.
- My comp and I found a family. An ADORABLE family.. who is totally interested in the church. This is huge.. because it's a family of 5. This is VERYHARD to come by here ;) Our branch has like 9 members... so 5 new ones is like a dream come true. We taught them the first lesson this week... they loved it. We are going back on Saturday to teach them the Plan of Salvation. I feel amazing about this family... good good things are going to happen!! I can feel it :)
- We left Bacau on Sunday and traveled to Bucharest, Romania.... it's the capitol city. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE. WOOOOOWWWW. So beautiful and so ALIVE. I am so in love with the city. We had zone conference there, so we took the train! We take trains everywhere in Romania. And I mean like old trains, from like oldies movies haha. With conductors with legit outfits and everything. So much fun to travel here! And the trains go through the countryside which I gorgeous. After zone conference, we got the most incredible food in Romania at the most incredible place.. it was shoarma, and it's amazing at this place in Buch :) Yum. Then.. we thought we were going to miss our train back to Bacau. So, we had the craziest moment where we were RUNNING through the streets in Buch trying to get to this taxi, and we run up and jump in this taxi and yell "HAI SA MERGEM LA GARA!!" like "take us to the train station!" And this guy has this crazy Romanian pop music BLASTING in his taxi, and he just starts SPEEDING like a demon through this city, cutting people off and all this craziness. There are no rules for driving in Romania. Woo! Hahaha. It was AMAZING! I loved every minute of it :) The train ride back to Bacau was long but so great. I am so blessed to be in this beautiful country!!
- We have an investigator named Doamna Vera. She is old and super hilarious. We always wonder why she hasn't been baptized before us, because she comes to church every week. So we look in the area book, and all the past missionaries just write about how crazy she is! Hahah... a LOT of Romanians are crazy. So we decide to start teaching her, and we went over to teach the Plan of Salvation. She offers us this drink, and it looks like this suc (juice) that we ALWAYS buy here, called Visine (cherry). But just in case, we asked her if it had alcohol. And she like flipped out on us and said "no no no, of course not, I don't drink alcohol. My doctor said I cant." and she told us it was Visine! So we pick up our cups and take like solid gulps of it.... and just look at eachother... it was COMPLETELY ALCOHOL. Straight up cherry wine! like... this stuff burned my mouth like crazy. And we look over and Doamna is just CHUGGIN this stuff like it's nobody's business :) HAHAHAH. So yes.... had my first experience with alcohol. Later.. we asked a member friend of ours about the drink Doamna gave us. She told us its super popular here, people make it themselves. And it is 50% alcohol.... HAHAHAH. Yep, so that happened! So yes.. Doamna isn't crazy... she's just drunk all the time :) We now are planning to go teach her the Word of Wisdom ;) hehehe. CRAZY DAY.
- We were studying last night.. and we hear these CRAZY loud boom noises. Thought that Ukraine or Russia was bombing us or something... HAHAH. we run to the window and check... nope. just like a MILLION fireworks, right in the middle of the center of town. In a park, right across from our apartment. No cops, nothing! Hahaha.. that's Romania for ya ;) So I thoroughly enjoyed our little private fireworks show!

I'm not joking when I say that every single week here gets better and better... :) I love our investigators... and we are definitely thinking we are going to have a few baptisms at the end of May :):):) hope it all works out! Thank you for your prayers and love and support :)

have a good week! xxoxoxoxoxo
Sora Draper

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