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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, November 2, 2015

11.2.15 Week 40 Ploiesti, Romania

a beautiful beautiful week :)

Hey fam! So, before I talk about this week, you should know that I am totally fine and healthy! No more sickness, I definitely don't have worms :) it is all good, it magically disappeared this week! Soooo grateful for that. 
Okay and second.. I am so grateful for the Spirit and the guidance it brought me and my companion this week. We received THREE new investigators this week, all are super wonderful and humble people!!! Especially one of them, Luminita, is SUPER PREPARED for the Gospel. We are really excited and have soooo much work to do out here :)  Our other two new investigators are Valentina and Marlie. Every week is so exciting because you get to work hard and discover new things about the city and the people! And every single week we get opportunities to shine and to be a light to others, and to use our gifts, talents and abilities to improve or even change somebody's life.
Something inspirational I received from my daddy.. is that in life, and especially missionary work, we need to use the Force. (I think he is a little too excited about the new star wars movie coming out..) ;);) And after pondering that... I realized how right he is! As usual :) The FORCE... the power of the Holy Ghost. We need to constantly remain worthy of the power of the Holy Ghost. We need to be in tune with the promptings and to be spiritually minded, in order to receive the guidance and revelation that we need to do our work, and to do it right. :) I feel the Force out here, in so many different occasions. The Force can work miracles in our lives, if we remain worthy of its strength and power and if we are truly humble enough to receive it. It is a divine gift  from God... let us not take it for granted :) 

I know that miracles can happen if we believe. If we believe in ourselves, and have faith that Heavenly Father will help us, guide us, and inspire us. :) 
A good friend of mine out here once said.. "ANY pizza can be a personal pizza, if you just believe in yourself." 
... Ha ha ha. YES! It's so true. I love it. :) 

I love being a missionary! I love you all and miss you


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