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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, August 3, 2015

8.3.15 Week 27 Ploiesti, Romania

My beloved family and friends :) this week was crazy and random and interesting, to say the least!....
Highlights of this week...
- exchange with sisters from Sibiu, got to be a "trainer" for a day.. (I will write more about that further down)
- got lost in a gypsy village
- got a new investigator named Nuții.... pronounced "Noot-sie" hahah she's a cute lady
- had to teach Sunday School ON THE SPOT.. super scary but it went well. *gift of tongues is real..
- spent an HOUR on Sunday.... picking LICE EGGS.... with our HANDS... out of this lady's hair. Yeah... that literally happened. And it was NASTY. 
- Made some great Romanian food 
- Broke my pinky toe... I mean I THINK it's broken.. it hurts like DEATH, so yeah, I dont know. Woo!
- Had a branch activity and watched "The Emperor's New Groove" in Romanian. It was way funnier in Romanian than English, hahah! Plus I understood every word... #MIRACLE #GIFTOFTONGUES

.... so yeah.. super eventful week! I love living here... every day is a different adventure and you just never know what you are gonna get sometimes :) 

We are working our best with the lack of investigators by reaching out to new people, and striving to meet with as many members and less actives as we can! We were blessed with a lot of lessons this week, and I was able to feel the spirit many many times. One experience I want to specifically share with you was when we were doing an exchange with the sisters from the city of Sibiu. I got to spend the day with Sora Cox's trainee, Sora Linder. A brand new baby missionary! And we had an INCREDIBLE day together.. I felt the excitement of her new missionary 'fire'.. it was super refreshing honestly. Our whole day was totally filled with gusto and I felt like I was hopefully a good example and friend to her. I really REALLY enjoyed being able to be a "trainer" for a day.. :) so much fun and such a good learning experience for both of us. But one incredible experience in particular was when we had a lesson that day with a less active woman, who actually invited a friend to the lesson. We didn't know that would be happening, so that was a GREAT surprise for us! We taught an awesome Plan of Salvation lesson. Absolutely awesome.. the spirit was SO strong in that room, and this woman asked a TON of great questions. We got the opportunity to hang out with her for a bit after the lesson, and she expressed interest in meeting again and talking more about the Restoration of the church. We have an appointment set with her and I can't WAIT to see how it goes!!! It was an incredible lesson. I cant describe it.. but you know exactly what I mean! :) It was such an answered prayer for me. Truly.
Sora Honey and I have been doing really well together as far as our relationship. Although this transfer has had it's challenges.. it has been a very good learning experience. I have learned a lot about myself and the kind of missionary I want to be. Some days have been hard but it has taught me to endure trials through prayer and study.. and it has taught me to humble myself and call upon the Lord for help and for motivation to get out there and work. Definitely strengthened my relationship with Heavenly Father and with the Savior. Plus I really enjoyed being an STL this transfer, it has also been a huge learning experience and I absolutely love getting to be closer with the sisters in our zone. I love talking with them and helping them work on the things that they want to improve on, and making some very good friends along the way! It has been a great transfer so far. I have had many downs but many many ups as well. I am excited to see what happens next transfer. I enjoy learning from trials and overcoming challenges.. although it is rough sometimes I have only seen blessings come out of it so far! In small and simple ways the Lord has reminded me of the person I need to be and has shown me the pure joy I am able to feel when I work super hard. 
I am going to strive extremely hard these next few weeks to be extra consistent and to not waste a single minute! I only get to be a missionary once, ya know? :) And less than 12 months until I am done with this amazing adventure... ugh so sad, I can't think about it. IM NEVER LEAVING, they can't make me leave.. right? Hahahah I'm just going to stay here forever and become a gypsy and eat Sarmale all day :) 
Well hope you all have a great week. Work hard and commit your heart to improving one factor of your life... it is such a blessing! Especially when you humble yourself and ask the Lord for help with this thing. It will improve your relationship with him and you will be able to conquer ANYTHING that life throws your way!
Speaking of conquering... I discovered my absolute favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon this week.. definitely Alma 26! GO READ IT :) incredible.

<3<3<3<3<3 Va iubesc, și mi-e dor de voi TOȚI. Sper că aveți o sâptămână foarte frumoasă și plină de miracole!

Love alwayssss
Sora Draper

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