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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, July 27, 2015

7.27.15 Week 26 Ploiesti, Romania

Okay seriously... if you all remember my last horrible prune experience in Bacau, you will DIE when you hear what happened this week ;)
But before I get into that... hah.. let me talk about some other stuff that happened this week! 
Things have been better here in Ploiesti. I am really starting to get to know the members here and it has been almost a blessing that all of our investigators are out la țară for the summer... because we have gotten to meet up with almost all of the members and we are really strengthening our relationship with them. I'm seeing some positive changes in the branch, I love it :) We are still trying to find new investigators to work with since all of ours our gone.. which is difficult but we are getting through it! 
Well another fun thing... summer in Romania is DEATH. It is SO HOT AND HUMID I THINK I MIGHT DIE. It got to the point this week where I couldn't handle sleeping in my bedroom anymore.. so i literally had to drag my mattress out into the living room and put it directly under our AC. Hahahah. the heat is almost too hot to handle sometimes.. but I love the sunshine and summer is super beautiful here.
SO... the prune story. Let me start from the very beginning. So.. in a nutshell (I will not disclose full details here..) I haven't felt very good this week haha. Niether has my comp. So.. we got some pills to take. I hope you are all catching my drift on this one so I don't actually have to say what kind of pills they are.. but lets just say we kind of needed to "clean out our systems" hahahah. ANYWAYS.. we have been on these pills for a few days (miserable).. and yesterday we had a lesson with this GYPSY FAMILY.. in their crazy little gypsy apartment. Of all my time in Romania.. this was the most interesting gypsy house I had seen ;) and this crazy lady made us this cake, with yummy chocolate frosting on it! We we starving.. so we each ate a few pieces. They were cut super small so I ate like 3 small little pieces of it. At the end of the lesson, she basically forces us each to eat one more. So I do.. and then I complimented her cake and said that it was really good, and I asked her if it was banana in it, because it was super sweet. And she looked at me funny and says "banana?!!... nu.. este prajitură de PRUNE." (It is prune cake...) ............. HAHAHA. I almost died. Let me tell you... Laxative pill + prunes = DEATH!!! Everything just pretty much went downhill from there... haha. :) Such great adventures out here in Romania, especially with the gypsies. ;)
Aside from that terrible experience.. we have been able to have some great lessons this week. But by far.. the greatest part of this week was when we got to spend the day in BRAȘOV for zone conference... aka the dream city of Romania. It is in Transylvania (yes where the legend of Dracula comes from).. and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. A huge gorgeous city in the Carpathian mountains :) So green. And taking the train through the mountains was so gorgeous I can't even explain it!!! Also I love going to conferences here because I get to hang out with Elder Findlay, a friend from high school! He is an assistant to the president right now so I see him everywhere. So much fun! And only 3 weeks until the entire mission is united in Brașov to hike a mountain together! 

I LOVE THIS MISSION and I love Romania :) So much :) 
I love you all, have a great week

Vă iubesc :) Și sper că aveți o sâptămână frumoasâ și plină de Spiritul! 
Cu dra,
Sora Draper

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