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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, September 21, 2015

9.21.15 Week 34 Ploiesti, Romania


alright let me go ahead and explain the crazy awesomeness of this week!
1. Bed bugs.. yes you read that right. that is what i have been dealing with this week. let me tell you..... it is NOT an experience I EVER want to live through again. I have had to go through drastic measures trying to get rid of those suckers... and in the process, my WHOLE BODY HAS BEEN BURNING AND ITCHING like crazy. I am practically covered in scars from itching so much! Literally.. my childhood nightmares coming true. UGH.
2. For those of you who didnt know this... my absolute favorite dessert probably in the whole world is the Pizookie (a giant chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream on top)... preferable the pizookie from Chili's. Well... this week I located a pizookie here in Romania!!!! Huge blessing. HUGE. It seems small and insignificant... but seriously, its huge. :) I was the happiest little kay kay when I found that here! #tendermercy
3. We did a fantastic exchange with the Sisters from Brasov! One of them happened to be one of my best friends out here... Sora Dupont, one of my MTC companions! The super sweet French girl :) I LOVE HER. And we had the most incredible exchange, and I truly felt so blessed to have such incredible friends out here by my side! I felt so blessed.
4. The Musat Family. It is the family of my Branch President here, President Musat. Nicest guy, most incredible family you will EVER meet! Seriously. Well.... crazy crazy news ... their son is getting married in two weeks in the Salt Lake Temple to a girl from Sandy, Utah... so the whole family will be flying to Utah.. and they will be staying with MY FAMILY IN DRAPER!!!!!!! My Branch President, from all the way over in Ploiesti, Romania... will be hangin with my family! And they have two adorable little girls.. one is Paisley's age. So that is absolutely insane and wonderful and I still cant believe that its happening! They will be going to church with my family on Sunday. Crazy how my life at home and my mission life have been totally connected like this! Im grateful for such a wonderful family that will do anything for anybody. My parents are truly incredible.. I want to be just like them someday :) 
5. Miracles. Oana and Constanta. Oana is an investigator from SEVERAL years ago... and she randomly sent us a text a few nights ago asking to meet up and talk. So we did, and she asked if we could meet FIVE TIMES A WEEK and do English/ Gospel 30/30 lessons. Needless to say, we agreed.. and she is definitely ready and in need of this Gospel. Huge blessing. :) Constanta... has been coming to church every single Sunday for 2 years. Has been an "eternal investigator" because she refused to read the Book of Mormon and didnt believe it was true. Well... after many prayers, we had a lesson with her and she FINALLY decided to read the Book of Mormon. THIS IS HUGE!!!! After 2 years of attending church... she is finally taking that step that she has needed to take for a longggg time. The power of prayer is real and Heavenly Father is providing a way for all of his children to return to him :) 

So many blessings, so many happy moments, and so much to be grateful for :) 

PS... transfers are this weekend. Super stoked to see if I stay or if I go somewhere else in this beautiful country! 

Love you :) 
Sora Draper

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