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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2.11.15 Week 3 at the MTC

Dearest friends and family,
BUNA ZIUA! Wow I hope you have all had as good of a week as I have. I learned a lot of valuable lessons this week. Sorry Im short on time so this email won't be as long. But in a nutshell...

1) This work is glorious, and the fact that I am picking up the language is fantastic. BUT. That is not what it's about. I have learned the importance of humility, and recognizing the fact that I am able to do this and accomplish this task because of the love of Heavenly Father, and the divine power of the Holy Ghost. Because of this power, I am now able to teach lessons to our investigators without any notes. All directly from the heart, which has been an INCREDIBLE experience. There is no better feeling than when you connect with someone, and you take a moment to realize how crazy it is that you are doing so in a different language that you are not fluent in yet. Its all about connecting to the investigator, no matter if your sentence has perfect grammar or not. And these miracles are only possible because of the help I receive from God. When I am in the lesson, teaching someone... I KNOW that I am not alone in there. The spirit is SO strong when I speak Romanian to these people that need the gospel. We almost have 2 BRAND NEW investigators ready for baptism! This is completely crazy that we are able to do this after three weeks of language training. But that's the thing.. it's not us. It is the converting power of the spirit that enables us to teach those who are prepared and ready for the gospel. I have been blessed beyond measure. And it's all thanks to God and our Savior. 

2) Doctrine and Covenants 6:8-13. That is some powerful stuff! That is my purpose in coming out here. 

3) The missionary purpose has such a deeper meaning to me now versus when I first entered the MTC. I don't know it good in English so I'll just type Romanian without the symbols. 
"Scopul Nostru...... De a-i invita pe altii sa vina la Hristos ajutandu-i Primeasca Evanghelia prin credinta in Isus Hristos, pocainta, botez, primerea Darului Duhului Sfant, si indurarea pana la Sfarsit. 


Also, some other quick thoughts. We learned a lot this week about setting goals. And I realized how many things I want to accomplish in this life! Make a list of goals, like HUGE AWESOME goals, and try your best to accomplish them in the coming years! It is AMAZING what you can do in this world, thanks to the atonement of our Savior! 

Have gratitude. And cherish every moment that you can with your family and your loved ones. We are SO lucky to have so many blessings in this life! Truly blessed.

Also, we found out that in Romania, the movie "Frozen" was translated in Romanian and Moldovan. In Romanian, for the song "Let it Go"... it says "S-a intemplat" which ACTUALLY translates to "It happened". HAHAHAH so just picture Elsa singing "It happened... it happened!" Oh man THIS is the entertainment we turn to here at the MTC. 

I love you all, SO much! :) Happy Valentines Day Everyoneeeeee! (Hint hint, Elder Teahan ) ... :) <3 Lots of love comin your way all the way from Provo, UT :)
PS 19 days until I leave for Romania!

Cu foarte mult dragoste,
Sora McKay Nicole Draper :)

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