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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, May 18, 2015

5.18.15 Week 16 Bacau, Romania

Buna seara familia!
Aventura este in fiecare loc!
This week was EASILY the most adventurous week I have had on my whole mission. It was so incredible... I wish I could just tell you every single detail because it is a week I will NEVER forget. Ever. Lets start with the beginning of the week...
We got to go la tara (into the countryside) of Bacau. I am telling you... you have not seen true beauty until you have seen these Romanian country sides. Rolling green hills, miles and miles of fields, small humble cottages, horse drawn wagons on dirt roads, gypsy families, and super old orthodox cathedrals. Seriously, so beautiful. Our investigator Irina has a cottage la tara in this tiny little village. Her garden is beautiful and huge, but has been neglected for years. So we traveled there and did some hard core garden work for her! I was so grateful to be a landscaper's daughter in that moment :) I loved it, we worked all day out there and got to go sit by this beautiful river for lunch. Walking through these beautiful green mountains helping these humble people, getting the stink eye from the really old orthodox babas (old ladies) of the village... so great :) But truly, I felt so grateful to be in the most beautiful country ever, doing service for someone I have grown to love so much.
Later in the week, we ended up doing service in ANOTHER garden, for one of the inactive members. She is 82 years old, her name is Georgheta and she is the most fabulous old woman I have ever met :) She is our grandma here in Bacau. I love her and I know that the gospel has touched her life! At night, we were able to do this really great thing to celebrate a few missionaries "one year mark" in my district. We got to go with some of the members and light LANTERNS like in the movie tangled. DREAM COME TRUE! :) It was so fun, and I was so so happy because in that moment I realized that I have a whole 14 months left in this country to have amazing adventures and teach amazing people! I was just so happy and felt so blessed to be here.
Also, we got to teach our investigator Irina again this week, and the lesson went so fantastic.... I am so so happy because we challenged her to be baptized and she ACCEPTED! :):) We are so so happy and grateful for her... it is truly something amazing to watch her change through this process. You can physically see the difference in her life, she is practically glowing and is so much happier with the gospel in her life. We love her and we are so excited to keep teaching her and hopefully see her get baptized in the coming weeks :) This is truly the best feeling in the world.... I can hardly describe it.
Today for a P day activity, we went on a roadtrip with the senior couple (the Soelbergs) to a GORGEOUS city, Piatra Neamt. We were also able to visit 2 monestaries (I don't know how to spell that in English)... which were incredible. These churches were built in the 1400s....... SO OLD, so so beautiful. I will send pictures when I can :) We were also able to go see a lake in the mountains here and it took me back home... wow. I can't believe how much I felt like I was in Utah in this moment. I loved standing by the water and being in the mountains again :):)
This week so much happened, I wish I could tell every detail. But truly, one of the most amazing and FUN weeks of my mission so far. I am very lucky to be with such a wonderful companion and in such a beautiful country. Full of beautiful sights and crazy people and everything in between ;) 

I miss you all like crazy, and I pray for all of you. Va iubesc foarte mult. Ma gandesc despre voi in fiecare zi, in orice clipa :)
O zi buna! 

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