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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, December 14, 2015

12.14.15 Week 46 Ploiesti, Romania

hey family!
this week has been a good one. I had a lot of humbling moments that definitely left a strong impression on me, and I know my life will be changed because of them. It is interesting, to see and experience the moments that you walk away from, just knowing that you are changed. I felt a love for a member here this week that I have truly never felt before, as she had us at her small and humble apartment, powerfully bore her testimony of the true and restored gospel, and proceeded to give us more food than we could ever deserve. When she truly had nothing to give.. she gave us all she had. I will never forget her looking into my eyes, and giving me the most sincere expression of gratitude for the work we do, and for the impression we have left on her and her son. I could hardly hold back tears as she closed our meeting with a prayer, thanking Heavenly Father that she could be able to provide a loving home and family for us sisters, being so far away from our real families. It was truly one of the most loving, sincerely beautiful moments I have experienced.. I will never forget the feeling as I walked out of her apartment that night, literally wrapped in the love of the most hard working, humble, and giving person I have ever met. My true reasons for serving here, in this city, in this country, are slowing making themselves known to me... one by one. I thank Heavenly Father almost every day for the impact that these people have made on my life! Life is all about love. Love for people, love for the gospel, and an open mind and open heart to everyone around you. Those principles have become so clear to me on my mission. 
I am so full of gratitude for the people in my life. It has become so apparent to me that I am truly surrounded by amazing people. I am grateful that I have a family, who are all my best friends for eternity :) And most of all I am grateful for the gospel in my life. And I have never found a more full joy, than when I am helping others to recognize the blessings of the gospel. The gospel is centered on love. None of us can comprehend the love God has for us, His children. And none of us can comprehend all things perfectly in this life, but we can know and understanding one thing... and that is the fact that we are on this earth to become more like Christ. And as soon as we make the decision to do this, to reach for that goal... if we are righteously seeking to do so.. He WILL help us, every step of the way. Because we are HIS children, Jesus is HIS son, and this is HIS plan for us. 
We need to stand firm in our faith. We know to hold tight to the principles we know to be true. And we need to trust in God, and know that everything will be okay :) 

I love you so so much my sweet family! 
I am so happy that the Holidays are coming, and that I get to spend them here with my Romanian family :)

Va iubesc

cu mult drag,
Sora Draper

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