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McKay is now a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is serving in the Romania/ Moldova Mission for a year and a half. While she is away- her family (that's us) will be posting her weekly emails and updates for loved ones to this blog.

Monday, September 7, 2015

9.7.15 Week 32 Ploiesti, Romania

Hey family! 

It has been such a wonderful week with my companion Sora Lunt, in our awesome city of Ploiesti. The branch here is amazing and I am so blessed to be here :) 
This week we had an AWESOME activity with the YSA of Romania. The city of Ploiesti has a TON of YSA members, its the YSA hotspot of Romania. So much fun :) We had a huge activity with other YSA from other cities as well, and even had 4 investigators come to the activity which was incredible. Ploiesti is absolutely booming. I love it! 
Our activity was a giant, real life game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. We used balloons, and people had to lay on giant skateboards and catch as many balloons as they could, while their teamates would reel them back in with a giant rope. It was a BLAST!! And we got to party and dance with all the YSA afterwards which of course was super fun. It was a crazy night that I will never forget haha :) I love the members here and I feel like I am surrounded by a ton of amazing friends because of the great YSA here. 
Also, this week my comp hit her 6 month mark on the mission, so we lit off these giant heart shaped chinese lanterns to celebrate her big day :) It made me think of the movie Tangled, and the whole time I was singing "and at last I see the light!" <3 Another unforgettable night :) This transfer has been filled with those! And next transfer.... I HIT MY HALFWAY MARK!!!!! The thought of that just absolutely blows my mind. I can't believe I have almost been out 8 months even. Time does not exist on the mission.. haha. 
This week, English classes started. My comp and I teach the Beginner level, and it is soooooo much fun. I love teaching English. :) And it is such a great way to connect with people and start teaching them the gospel! We do a spiritual thought after every class. Last class, we taught about the Restoration. Which was a BOLD decision. Normally, we just teach things like faith, hope, the light of Christ, etc. But I really felt like the students in our class needed to hear the message of the Restored Gospel, and I had confidence that they would all be open to it. So, we taught about the Joseph Smith Story, and Cartea Lui Mormon. Every single one of our students stayed for the spiritual thought... all of them! And every single one of them took a pamphlet about the Restoration. The spirit was SO strong... I feel like it opened the minds and hearts of many of those people. I am grateful that the spirit guided me to teach that for the spiritual thought... I have been working so hard on listening and following the promptings I receive out here. And every time I do that, it has lead to something incredible that is helping the work grow out here. :) The spirit never leads you astray....I have DEFINITELY learned that out here. 
We have been working with our new investigators this week and things are really looking up. Especially with Georgiana, Paul, Constanta, and Jenny. I am so excited about the new work we have.. and I am still constantly thanking my Heavenly Father for the crazy amount of miracles and blessings we have been receiving. It truly has manifested to me the pure, undeniable love that God has for us. And if we love him and turn to him, he will guide us and bless us in ways that we cant even imagine :) I see small, tender blessings every single day that is an evidence of the hand of the Lord in my life. And I am so so grateful. :) 

I love you all so much :) I miss home and I miss my friends and family, but I KNOW that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be!

Vă iubesc!

Sora Draper

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